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Helping Busy Mum's & Dad's Who Work From Home Increase Their Energy, Reduce Stress & Lose Weight, Without Giving Up Work! 

​Would you LOVE to stop feeling stressed, overwhelmed and unmotivated, by taking the right steps towards FINALLY achieving a sustainable working from home lifestyle, that delivers reduced stress, better energy and better body composition?

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See How Matt Transformed To Leaner, Happier and More Confident....
The 'Rebalance Process' Helps You To:
  • ​Lose Body Fat Without Giving Up Ice-cream or Chocolate
  • ​Improve Nutritional and Lifestyle Habits Without Giving Up Work
  •  Reduce Stress Without Having To Find More Time
  •  Improve Energy Levels Without Having To Consume Loads Of Multi-Vitamin Pills
  •  Optimise Your Sleep Without Cutting Out Your Coffee
  •  Put Yourself First Without Feeling Guilty
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Watch This Video And See How Rebalance Coach Helped Nicole Transform Her Nutrition, Lifestyle And Mindset Habits!
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Meet Coach Jimmy:
  • Personalised Health Coach - ph360
  • ​Level 1 Precision Nutrition Coach
  • Level 1 Training For Warriors Coach  
  • Personal Trainer + Master Trainer - Australian Institute Of Fitness
👋 Coach Jimmy here from Rebalance...

About 10 years ago I was drowning in work stress and parenting stress. I was overweight, I had ordinary nutrition and a pretty negative mindset. Those days were pretty rough. I felt like I'd take a step forward only to take three more back. I wasn’t doing enough to look after my own health and..... I put myself last.

Then, I changed careers and started developing myself into a health coach. Over the years I was able to systematically piece together a health formula that helped me lose weight, get on top of my stress, become more efficient, increase my energy levels and be able to actually live in the moment. 

In 2018 I launched Rebalance to help other Mum's and Dad's that were in those same shoes. And, while I don't claim to know it all, I HAVE helped thousands of Mum’s and Dad’s transform their mind, body & life by coaching them through sustainable step by step coaching programs and processes. 

My daily MISSION is to help busy Mum's and Dad's REduce stress, REvitalise their minds, REgain their bodies and REbalance their lives!

Become a Rebalancer today and Regain yourself!

At Rebalance We Solve Problems! Check Out Nic and Nam's Rebalance Experience...

Hear From Our Members:

- Nicole, Sydney Australia

3 years ago, I was a retired Net-baller who had become a mother, ate fast food at any opportunity, and had taken to heavy smoking. I was also over-indulging on alcohol on the weekends and loved eating fast food several times a week. After watching my father-in-law leave us far too early due to an unhealthy lifestyle, I realised I didn’t want to travel the same path and sought the guidance of Jimmy. 
Jimmy has provided me with the essential tools & strategies to feel confident knowing that I can have a relaxing holiday or weekend, and get “back on track” once I return. He has taught me how to make smart nutritional choices, and how to have a balanced lifestyle. Jimmy has turned my life and habits upside-down; I now proudly lead a fit and healthy lifestyle, I have lost fat, built muscle and feel great! 

- Mattie, Sydney Australia

The best way to describe my experience with Coach Jimmy and the Rebalance program is by way of sheer results and time.
As someone who has been trying to out train a bad diet and poor habits for years I have never been able to achieve any of my long term weight loss goals. That is until I started focusing on my nutrition with Jimmy, beginning with the 28-day transformation program and now 7 week health optimisation program.
Over the 28-day transformation program I dropped 9 kilos and now 12 in total. I am now 1kg away from my first goal weight target which I have been chasing for 15 years. Jimmy’s approach is very supportive, he is always accessible to his members, full of knowledge and encouragement. His strategies around building better habits will have his members primed for long term sustainable weight loss and living much healthier and happier lives. I can’t thank you enough Jimmy and would highly recommend Rebalance nutrition to anyone wanting to get serious about their health and Well-being.

- Jess, Sunshine Coast Australia

Healthy eating, constantly putting amazing nutrition in to my body while still absolutely enjoying it. Cliche it may sound however I cannot begin to describe how amazing this healthy eating plan has changed me. Physically yes but to think it could change me more mentally is indescribable. I see myself in a different light. I look at myself and feel proud. So far I am only down 4kg but visually it speaks volumes! I haven’t felt like this in years, I haven’t looked at myself and felt so happy in years! There is no doubt this will not work! It’s not a fad, it is a balanced, fun and simple way of living with a lot of learning along the way. I’ve changed my mind set on nutritional balance and won’t ever fall back in to my old ways! Life changer!!

- Nam, Sydney Australia

I took on the 12 week program because I struggle with consistency. Over the last 12 months I have had so many ups and downs, felt a bit lost with information overload on all the nutrition fads and was trying too many things all at once and failing.
The Rebalance 12-week program introduced me to practicing behaviours which have resulted in better energy levels which means a more focused, confident, alert, happy me. My body shape has also changed to more toned and visible muscle definition. The weekly videos are informative, simple and easy to follow as are the weekly Q&A sessions. Jimmy explains things in an easy to understand manner and provides suitable suggestions by way of small steps so it’s never overwhelming and actually achievable. 
I’m so glad that I reached out to Jimmy for help because trying to figure things out on your own is tough. With the right coach and the right support, I feel fantastic inside and out and when that happens, everything else in your life (family, work, lifestyle) also strikes the right balance.

- Benny, Sydney Australia

My inspirational quote (I’m becoming a better me) has truly become my life slogan after the 12 week program. With the short video clips, Q&A sessions and posts I managed to keep on top of the goals I set for myself. I have learned so much about food and nutrition that I realised if you apply what the 12 week program teaches you, the weight loss will automatically happen. I would recommend and have been recommending the 12-Week program to people. The program has truly provided me with the knowledge and tools for a better lifestyle and to keep on losing weight the right way. I am a happier healthy me!!

- Lyndon, Sydney Australia

Jimmy, your 12 week program has taught me SO much about making the correct lifestyle choices to make positive change to my health and my body. The program is extremely simple to follow. Your Facebook posts are insightful and you can really understand and follow them. And the community is amazing that you have created! The questions being asked and how helpful everyone is made me feel I could ask any question without feeling silly. I feel incredible since the program, both from a physical point of view in my body image however also mentally. I rest better. I look better. I feel better. I think better. Honestly – it is a holistic change for life!

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